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Creating my Dreams

Excerpt from Affirmations for Mindful Leaders (ISBN 978-1-300-65919-8, 76 pages, $9.99) Artwork by fabulous Fruition Coalition intern, Samantha Dillon

Awakening and Becoming

The process of personal growth is both awakening and becoming. Awakening is the process of connecting with our purpose and passion. It is both spiritual and psychological. It is internal and eternal. Becoming is the process of integrating our soul’s deepest desires–our purpose and our passion–with our everyday thoughts and actions. It is experiential and … Continue reading

One Vision, Many Missions

We may share a common vision, but differ in the means we choose to pursue and create our vision. There is no right or wrong way; multiple paths lead to this shared vision of the future. Because there are many paths to this place of justice, of freedom, of compassion, of peace, we ought to … Continue reading

From Revolutionary to Visionary

In my activism, I have transformed from a revolutionary, to an evolutionary, to a visionary. As a revolutionary, I was reactive. My focus was on destroying unjust hegemony. As an evolutionary, I was complacent. My focus was on going with the natural flow. As a visionary, I am proactive. My focus is on creating the … Continue reading

Intersecting Levels of Change

I believe that social change is the result of both individual and organizational action. I further feel that social change is impossible without significant personal change – within both ourselves and others. Organizations, formal or informal, can be a conduit for collective action, amplifying – and morphing — personal change. To move from personal to … Continue reading