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Multiple Freedoms

When we talk about freedom, we are usually not specific about the exact type of freedom we are referencing. Freedom exists, or does not, on multiple levels: personal, institutional, political, and spiritual. Personal freedom reflects the everyday choices that we make about our lives. It is how we choose to spend our time, how we … Continue reading

Laws Were Made to be Broken

Many spiritual teachers, and social constructionists, contend that we create the world around us through the language we use, whether or not it is intentional, in both our minds and in our conversations. In accordance with this principle, we gain weight when we obsess over how overweight we are and we lose lovers when we … Continue reading

The new, new counterculture

The new, new counterculture is shifting our focus From dialectical to cooperative From material to spiritual From critical to creative From confrontational to compassionate The new, new counterculture does not forget the old ways, but rather incorporates them into a greater whole. How have you experienced the new, new counterculture in your work and in … Continue reading