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Excerpt from Creating a Peaceful Life: Affirmations for Hope, Love, and Harmony (ISBN 978-1-300-67605-8, 343 pages, $1.99)

A Revolution or The Revolution

Every day, the earth rotates 360 degrees on its axis. Each year, the earth revolves around the sun. Revolutions are a natural part of the ebb and flow of life. Every breath we take is a potential revolution. Every thought, every word, every gesture. We need not plan or wait for a big revolutionary event; … Continue reading

From Revolutionary to Visionary

In my activism, I have transformed from a revolutionary, to an evolutionary, to a visionary. As a revolutionary, I was reactive. My focus was on destroying unjust hegemony. As an evolutionary, I was complacent. My focus was on going with the natural flow. As a visionary, I am proactive. My focus is on creating the … Continue reading

United We Stand

We are divided and We are falling. America is in need of a new revolution. One that is peaceful, not violent; Selfless, not selfish; Unifying, not separatist. United we stand.