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Optimism and Realism: Allies or Antagonists?

If you read this blog, you might have noticed that I am an optimist. Someone very kindly called me a ‘beacon of hope’ recently. While many people have expressed appreciation for the work that I am doing through The Fruition Coalition, others have expressed concern that it is detached from reality. Can optimism and realism … Continue reading

L3: Open up to Optimism

From time to time, I lose sight of the perfection inside and all around me. We are constantly bombarded with negative words and images that can sap the strength out of even the most resilient people. Yet, we are surrounded by goodness, beauty, and love – if we only look for it and allow it … Continue reading

Criticism without Cynicism

As a social critic, I often respond or react to current events in nonconstructive ways. While I don’t shout at the TV or contemplate retribution, I do sometimes feel angry, hurt, overwhelmed, and disgusted. These feelings lead me to pick apart ideas, and the people who espouse them, in an effort to deconstruct and discredit. … Continue reading