Meet the Muses: Wisdom

In this installment of Meet the Muses, I’m going to introduce you to Wisdom.

Wisdom is a mysterious presence that is multiple and continually evolving. They adore seeking with curiosity and openness, cherishing their loving relationship with uncertainty. Wisdom has many expressions including nature, conscience, intuition, insight, and ideas. They are both complex and simple, nuanced and subtle. Wisdom is the wellspring of eloquence, brilliance, clarity, and understanding. 

In the next installment of Meet the Muses, I’ll introduce you to Community.

Headbanger’s Rule #2: Go with the Flow

Believe it or not, there is a ton of wisdom in Def Leppard Lyrics. I could probably write a series just about them!

In Rock of Ages, lead singer Joe Elliott tell us to “feel it, don’t fight it, go with the flow.” As leaders, we need to be in touch with and trust our feelings and just let them flow out through us. By doing so, we can “watch the night go up in smoke.” Or in other words, we can be very impactful leaders!