Free webinar on October 5th: Teaching, Learning, and Transformation

The Fruition Academy of Social Imagination and Action is launching on October 5th with Teaching, Learning, and Transformation.

  • The purpose and meaning of education
  • The relationship among knowledge, information, wisdom, and truth
  • Power, oppression, resistance, and freedom in teaching and learning
  • How we continually engage in implicit educational processes
  • How to intentionally choose and use educational processes to strategically influence organizational and social change goals
  • How understanding education can strengthen relationships, leadership, advocacy, fundraising, and other organizational processes

Participants receive:

  • A 60 minute online seminar
  • A recording of the seminar
  • A workbook including extended notes and reflection questions
  • A certificate of participation
  • Unlimited discussion about the topic with the instructor and other students at Le Salon Utopique

To register for free, just use this link.  Registration closes on Wednesday October 3rd.