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The Situated Self

We are each situated within our relationships, environments, and the natural order. The self is the domain where we exercise the most control. Relationships are complex and the environment is chaotic. All four domains are interconnected.

Social+ Holiday Shopping Resources

Perhaps the most Social+ thing we can do this holiday season is to remember that this time of year is not all about consumerism. Yet, we will likely purchase some gifts for family, colleagues and friends. This holiday season, you can be Social+ by carefully selecting merchants from whom to purchase these holiday gifts. As … Continue reading

Fiscally Efficient and Effective

I see a tension between efficiency and effectiveness directly related to economic control. Centrally controlled resources are (potentially) efficiently distributed through economies of scale and coordination of planning. Locally controlled resources are (potentially) effectively distributed through relevant targeting and proximity. In the United States, our public and private systems tend to combine both centralized and … Continue reading

Obamacare Omits

When I left my full time job to focus on The Fruition Coalition full time, I was shocked to be denied health insurance by several providers. I was denied due to three pre-existing conditions: a mental health diagnosis, a high BMI, and a vascular malformation in my brain. I think this situation is an unintended … Continue reading

The Leaves

How easily individual leaves are taken for granted carelessly picked pressed too tightly between the fingers and thrown away. We sometimes don’t see the forest for the trees but also the leaves for the trees. Each leaf is the promise of life and is filled with great beauty and is central to our ecosystem. Leaves … Continue reading

The Illogical Model

Yesterday I posted a logic model for the progressive macromovement. I truly do see value in using logic models to think through our intentions and goals. Yet, we live in an illogical world where there is constant change and uncertainty. An illogical world calls for an illogical model to complement the standard logic model. The … Continue reading