The Terror of Learning

Learning can be scary because it inherently implies detachment from currently held beliefs and understandings. It can be a threat to our individual or group identity.

Alternatively, I see learning as an opportunity to grow. While we may choose to shift our position as a result of something we have learned, learning can also result in having a more expansive view or increased flexibility to shift our perspective. We can do both while remaining still in the same spot, in the safety of our core values and purpose.

My Self-Sacrifice

I am strangely fascinated, and easily seduced, by far-left politics. Yet, I have consciously chosen to detach from my most extreme political views for the good of our community, our nation, and our world. This doesn’t mean that I automatically adopt the opposite viewpoint, most certainly not! Rather, I am becoming more open so that I can develop a deeper understanding of political complexities.

I miss those ideas and I mourn for them; they have been an important part of my conscience and experience throughout my life. It feels as though a part of me – and one of my favorite parts – has died. I am working on shifting my thinking to what I have to gain, and the potential collective gain, from what I might be losing.