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My Story

Excerpt from Creating a Peaceful Life: Affirmations for Hope, Love, and Harmony (ISBN 978-1-300-67605-8, 343 pages, $1.99)

Creating my Dreams

Excerpt from Affirmations for Mindful Leaders (ISBN 978-1-300-65919-8, 76 pages, $9.99) Artwork by fabulous Fruition Coalition intern, Samantha Dillon

Creative Brilliance

Excerpt from Incandescent Leadership (ISBN 978-1-300-65928-0, 80 pages, $12.99) Artwork by fabulous Fruition Coalition intern, Samantha Dillon

Constructive Creativity

I love being creative and engaging in spaces where anything and everything is possible. Yet, sometimes this can be overwhelming and lead to a sense of frustration rather than liberation. When the ultimate goal is to make a decision or perform an action, constructive creativity may be useful. Constructive creativity is a way to be … Continue reading

Manage Things, Not People

As leaders, we often also have management responsibilities. I think it is important to remember that we should manage things rather than people. We can manage money, time, processes, and projects so that our goals and objectives are achieved.   Interactions with other people on the team should consist of guidance, support, encouragement, and access to … Continue reading

The new, new counterculture

The new, new counterculture is shifting our focus From dialectical to cooperative From material to spiritual From critical to creative From confrontational to compassionate The new, new counterculture does not forget the old ways, but rather incorporates them into a greater whole. How have you experienced the new, new counterculture in your work and in … Continue reading

The Unlearning Organization

In the unlearning organization, everything we have ever taken for granted is questioned, dissected, or discarded. Our knowledge, assumptions, and beliefs are in motion. In the unlearning organization, there are no bad ideas and mistakes are inevitable. There is continual creativity, ingenuity, and risk. In the unlearning organization, there is limitless possibility. People are liberated … Continue reading

Balancing Continuity and Creativity

Continuity connects us to our past. It makes us feel secure and grounded. It adds an element of familiarity and predictability to life which is reassuring. Creativity is our future. It is the unknown emergent possibility. It is surprising, fun, and exciting. The present is the fulcrum that balances continuity and creativity, balancing the weight … Continue reading