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Deep Caring

Excerpt from Affirmations for Mindful Leaders (ISBN 978-1-300-65919-8, 76 pages, $9.99) Artwork by fabulous Fruition Coalition intern, Samantha Dillon

The new, new counterculture

The new, new counterculture is shifting our focus From dialectical to cooperative From material to spiritual From critical to creative From confrontational to compassionate The new, new counterculture does not forget the old ways, but rather incorporates them into a greater whole. How have you experienced the new, new counterculture in your work and in … Continue reading

The Social+ Boutique is Now Open!

The Social+ Boutique is now open!           Social+ builds upon the idea of being carbon neutral. People who are Social Positive (Social+) aim to have a net positive social impact by considering the environmental and human impact of everyday decisions and interactions, being actively involved in the community, and expressing kindness … Continue reading