The Fruition Coalition publishes books related to activism, leadership, wellness, and social change. Current titles are:

WholeHappyAndHealthy-front-v2.jpgMental illness is greatly misunderstood. It is distorted, feared, and hidden – often leading to shame, guilt, and exacerbated mental health symptoms. Whole Happy and Healthy: A Revolutionary Approach to Understanding and Thriving with Mental Illness challenges this stigma and opens up new possibilities by exploring how people who experience mental illness can create a full, purposeful, and vibrant life by connecting with and continually expanding their perceptions – the intersection and interaction of emotions, intellect, intuition, and the senses – in twelve areas. Author Jessica R. Dreistadt reframes mental illness as a gift, rather than a deficit, to help readers discover and develop a holistic, integrative process that leads to more inner peace, emotional freedom, and joy. Whole Happy and Healthy changes the conversation about mental illness and emotional well-being, resulting in increased empathy, compassion, and resilience.

affirmationsformindfulleaders-frontAffirmations for Mindful Leaders is a collection of 50 affirmations for leaders who are mindful, ethical, intentional, authentic, and inspiring. The affirmations included span ten areas: vision, purpose, passion, power, relationships, innovation, risk, responsibility, balance, and transformation. Each affirmation has been carefully designed to help leaders feel more motivated, focused, purposeful, and connected.

ashleyandtiana-01-frontAshley and Tiana is the story of two unlikely friends, Ashley Glazier and Tiana Thompson, who meet at summer camp in Pennsylvania during the summer of 1982. Tiana, who lives in the Bronx, is into Hip Hop and Ashley, who lives in Greenwich Village, is into punk rock. After an awkward meeting, they become best friends and learn that they, and their music, have a lot more in common than they first realized. Following a series of adventures, their summer culminates in the most highly anticipated and exciting event of their young lives. Ashley and Tiana is an inspirational, educational, and entertaining story for girls and boys of all ages about the value of friendship, persevering in the face of challenges, and embracing the everyday joys of life.

creatingapeacefullife-01-frontCreating a Peaceful Life: Affirmations for Hope, Love, and Harmony is a collection of 335 affirmations that have been carefully designed to help readers feel more grounded, inspired, purposeful, and connected in every area of life. Affirmation themes include wellness, beauty, joy, forgiveness, purpose, compassion, vulnerability, possibility, wisdom, values, authenticity, acceptance, and energy. By being intentional about our thoughts, we can create a life that reflects our true purpose and most deeply aligned desires. Affirmations are a way to gently nurture our minds so that we can embody our most beautiful and peaceful self. They are brief statements that dance between what is and what will be.

contemplativeactivism-front-v2Contemplative Activism explores the possibilities of social and political activism through the intersecting lenses of existential philosophy, quantum theory, and spirituality in a simple and easy to understand way. This brief but powerful book compels readers to rethink progressive activism as a transformative process based on love, hope, creativity, responsiveness, and grace.

The Fruition Coalition Board Development Workbook demystifiestfcbdw-jrd-01-front the processes of board recruitment, onboarding, and succession so that all organizations are able to successfully cultivate dedicated, educated, energized, and organized board members. This book can be used by executive directors, board officers, and individual members of the board of directors to explore and clarify the many aspects of organizational leadership and governance. It can be used as a mechanism to provoke discussion and as a guideline for organization and planning. This book provides comprehensive information, yet is flexible enough to be applicable to nonprofit organizations and boards of directors of all sizes and types

tfcgpw-jrd-01-frontThe Fruition Coalition Grant Proposal Workbook is an essential resource guide for nonprofit organizations of all types and sizes. Both experienced and inexperienced proposal writers will learn from this practical, easy-to-use workbook that has been designed to help organizations strengthen their internal capacity for fundraising. Author and experienced fundraiser Jessica R. Dreistadt guides readers through the detailed process of raising money for programs and projects by developing relationships with philanthropic partners and writing effective proposals that get results. After working through this book, readers will have a comprehensive template that can be used for a variety of grant proposals.

The Fruition Coalition Marketing Plan Workbook is a complete and easy to use guide for tfcmpw-jrd-01-frontnonprofit organizations of all types and sizes. Through detailed descriptions, discussion and reflection questions, and planning charts, this book guides readers through the process of articulating information about the organization, environment, internal and external relationships, and communication leading to the development of marketing strategies and a comprehensive marketing plan. This workbook helps organizations become more grounded in their values and identity, create opportunities for meaningful engagement, and develop strong, mutually beneficial relationships so that organizational goals can be achieved

incandescentleadership-jrd-01-frontIncandescent Leadership is a workbook that helps leaders become more warm, bright, and clear. This book presents a model of leadership, but more importantly, it is also a process of structured self-discovery through which readers can identify and build upon their distinctive radiance and brilliance. Brief statements and focused questions help readers explore ten areas: purpose, becoming, connection, compassion, energy, wisdom, inspiration, responsiveness, creativity, and transformation.

Limitless Loving Leadership is a limitlesslovingleadership-01-frontcollection of essays that explores
the intersections of personal and professional life. Twenty-eight essays examine the underlying meaning of life and leadership experiences to reveal lessons about humility, authenticity, appreciation, flexibility, intention, trust, and wisdom.

book-coverThe People Pages: Resources for Social Change is a directory for activists, community organizers, and grassroots nonprofit organizations published in 2003. The book includes: contact information and descriptions of 2500 social change resources such as independent media, think tanks, meeting spaces, workshops, lobbying groups, unique and innovative programs, and professional associations;
25 articles and 10 planning worksheets about fundraising, proposal writing, strategic planning, marketing, website development, starting an organization, creating a budget, and research; a bibliography of books about nonprofit management; a filmography of filmvery-best-of-the-activists-muse-covers and videos about social movements and community organizing; and a directory of educational programs in nonprofit management.

The Very Best of the Activist’s Muse is a print archive of a blog published by The Fruition Coalition from 2012 to 2013. It includes poems, short stories, ideas, social change theory, and interviews with activists.


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