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Gentle Rays of Light

Excerpt from Incandescent Leadership (ISBN 978-1-300-65928-0, 80 pages, $12.99) Artwork by fabulous Fruition Coalition intern, Samantha Dillon

Originally posted on World in Motion:
Sophie Scholl, 1921-43, executed in Munich for high treason Today I came across this quote from Sophie Scholl, a woman I greatly admire for being part of the White Rose resistance to Hitler in WWII, executed in 1943 at the age of 21.     Especially with all the…

L3: Practice Patience

This one is a major toughie for me. I am scandalously impatient. I want to achieve my goals and I want to achieve them now! But by failing to practice patience, I am shortchanging myself, other people, and the potentially beautiful results of allowing things to unfold without my incessant prodding and interference. Waiting is … Continue reading

L3: Expose Your Vulnerability

Imagine yourself running down the street naked. Not a pretty thought? Don’t worry, I’m not about to suggest you do something as extreme as that. There are more advantageous, and appropriate, means of exposing your vulnerability to others. This may include asking for help, admitting a mistake, or accepting failure. When I was younger, I … Continue reading

ILA Denver 2012

I am exceptionally excited to attend my first International Leadership Association (ILA) conference in Denver, CO next month. Not only will I have the opportunity to meet and learn from amazing scholars from all around the world, I am also going to participate in a panel discussion, present a poster, and facilitate a roundtable discussion. … Continue reading

The Activist’s Muse

“When I dream alone, it is just a dream. When we dream together, it is the beginning of reality.” –Brazilian proverb We are all muses. Through our intentions and interactions, we have the power to inspire personal and political change. The purpose of The Activist’s Muse is to: Encapsulate the various ideas that have infiltrated … Continue reading