Fruition Coalition: The Year in Review

Thanks for being a part of the Fruition Coalition in 2012!

At this time of year, I like to reflect on what has been accomplished. This year, the Fruition Coalition:

  • Was re-energized by the founding director (me) leaving the material and psychological security of my  full time job
  • Published 139 blog posts on The Activist’s Muse
  • Launched the Fruition Academy of Social Imagination and Action
  • Held two webinars: Teaching, Learning, and Transformation & Social Reciprocity…total attendance was 58 people in four countries on three continents
  • Temporarily suspended the Fruition Academy of Social Imagination and Action due to intellectual and financial sustainability concerns and therefore did not conduct the two webinars I was most excited about — Existential Leadership and Quantum Theory for Activists
  • Launched Le Salon Utopique, an online community for progressive activists
  • Worked with an intern from University of Maryland to organize the Changemaker Chat section of the blog (thank you Kerry!)
  • Launched the Social+ campaign to promote extending the idea of carbon neutrality to all of our micro and macro social actions
  • Completed two program development projects with local organizations

As for me personally (but in a professional sense), I:

  • Participated in three presentations at the International Leadership Association
  • Started blogging for Huffington Post
  • Experienced tremendous self-doubt and anxiety — which was at times freeing and at other times paralyzing
  • Learned to feel more comfortable with ambiguity and uncertainty
  • Tutored two students in statistics, revealing the need for simple, easy to understand statistics instructions which I have yet to find online or in textbooks (perhaps I can find a way make stats fun!)
  • Taught an Introduction to Fundraising class for the second time
  • Worked as a research assistant for an awesome, brilliant professor
  • Read a ton of amazing books and papers and added much to my reading list which now includes almost 4,000 books and several hundred papers
  • Narrowed down the topic for my dissertation, which is now looking something like the myths of social justice leadership
  • Did not for one moment regret my decision to make the major life transition to become self-employed, despite the emotional and financial challenges (“That which does not kill us makes us stronger” — F. Nietzsche)

Tomorrow, I will reveal the Fruition Coalition’s plans for 2013!

Looking back on the past year, what have been your highlights?

Social+ Updates

The Social+ Boutique has two new designs inspired by my beautiful, precious cats:

My dharma is to hear the birds singing

All we need is to breathe and be

My overriding goal for 2013 is to live an uncluttered life full of light. I am hoping that these simple messages will inspire all of us to focus on what is truly important in our daily lives.

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365 Ways to be Social+








If you read this blog, then I suspect that you are Social+ (“social positive”). People who are Social+ aim to have a net positive social impact by considering the environmental and human impact of everyday decisions and interactions, being actively involved in the community, and expressing kindness and compassion toward others on a daily basis.

We recently opened up the Social+ Boutique so that you can demonstrate your commitment to living Social+ and open up conversations with others about how to create a more peaceful, loving planet.

We now also have a lovely 2013 Social+ calendar available. Each month has a beautiful picture and inspirational quote and every day has one idea of how you can be Social+. For example:

January 9 – Write a letter to the editor about poverty in your community

February 13 – Be kind to everyone you meet today

March 4 – Let something go today

April 15 – Enjoy the fresh air with a friend

May 18 – Visit a relative that you don’t see very often

June 9 – Ask someone for their assistance

July 3 – Be kind and gentle to yourself

August 31 – Learn a new language

September 28 – Visit a local park

October 26 – Make someone else’s day really special

November 3 – Let your light shine

December 19 – Be fully aware of the ripple effect of your every thought and action

The Social+ 2013 calendar makes a wonderful holiday gift for all of the people in your life who care about their community – and it makes a nice gift for you, too! The calendar costs $15.99 but you can save 20% through tomorrow by using promo code VETS 2012.


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