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20 Questions: Advocacy

What social condition(s) are we trying to shift? What change will positively influence this social condition? What is the specific ask? Are there any acceptable alternatives to this ideal solution? What will be the result of making such a change for the community overall and in the lives of individual people? What are the financial, … Continue reading

20 Questions: Starting a Nonprofit

What specific needs will this organization address? How has the need for this organization been discovered and documented? How will specific community needs be identified and explored? What is my motivation for starting this organization? How does this organization connect with my personal and professional goals? How does this organization fit in with the programs … Continue reading

20 Questions about Program Evaluation

What is our intended impact? What are our specific goals? How will we know if we achieved each of our goals? What is our organization doing to contribute to that intended impact and those specific goals? What resources and relationships are needed to achieve our goals? What internal capacities and skills are needed to achieve … Continue reading

Let’s Play 20 Questions!

My new sometimes series, 20 Questions, will be dedicated to nonprofit capacity building. Each of these posts will share a collection of 20 reflection and discussion questions to help you and your organization strategically investigate various topics. These questions can be used comprehensively to develop a plan of action or they can be used one … Continue reading