Jessica R. Dreistadt is a visionary dreamer, creative thinker, scholar, poet, social philosopher, and results-oriented community change practitioner. She is the founding director of The Fruition Coalition, a doctoral student in organizational leadership, a writer, a social justice and community benefit organization educator, and a passionate advocate for progressive social change. She has written and published 11 books about leadership, social justice, and wellness. She has also written and published many articles, including Voting Rights: The Struggle for Democracy which was recognized with a Williams Award. She has served nonprofit organizations for over 14 years including more than six years as an executive director. As a community advocate, Jessica acted as executive producer of a MarCom Award winning documentary video, Food for Thought: Hunger in the Lehigh Valley, and organized the Lehigh Valley Campaign to Raise the Minimum Wage. Jessica has a master’s degree in sociology from Lehigh University as well as a master’s degree in nonprofit management from Eastern University. In addition to developing many community-based workshops, she has designed and taught college courses about leadership, entrepreneurship, fundraising, public relations, and program evaluation. She is a transformational leader, educator, and writer who is dedicated to working toward a more compassionate, just, sustainable, harmonious, joyous, and beautiful planet.

Internship Opportunities Available

If you are a student and interested in practical experience with research, marketing/outreach, or administration, please send us an email. We can work with you to design an unpaid internship that will help you explore your interests while making a significant contribution to progressive social change.

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