The Fruition Coalition

The Fruition Coalition creates positive change in organizations and systems by connecting people, ideas, and resources. We are actively creating a flourishing world through education, dialogue, and consulting that integrates research, intuition, experience, and dreams.

Our programs and services include: The Fruition Academy of Social Imagination and Action, an online school where ideas are explored and applied to the real processes of organizational and social change; Le Salon Utopique, an online community where ideas are discussed and connections to support our work develop; The Activist’s Muse, a blog that explores personal, organizational, and social change through stories and ideas; and consulting services that help organizations research, plan, implement, and evaluate their work.


(fru•i•tion) /fro͞oˈiSHən/
when a plan or an idea begins to happen, exist or be successful

(co•a•li•tion) /kōəˈliSHən/
an alliance for combined action

Sources: Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary; Oxford English Dictionary

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