Meet the Muses: Joy

In this installment of Meet the Muses, I’m going to introduce you to Joy.

Joy is an energy that makes life feel not only worthwhile but also fulfilling and thrilling. Joy nourishes our dreams and ideas so they may flourish. They invite us to have fun and to experience pleasure without guilt or shame. Joy can be sweet and delightful or exhilarating and awe inspiring. They compel us to soften and slow down, but also to seek adventure and to take blissful risks. Joy is our purpose, joy is our foundation, joy is our connection. With joy on our shoulder, we can endure pain and hardship while also seeing past our trauma to reimagine our relationships and our world.

For more ideas about joy, see my exploration of the word ‘happiness’ and its seven manifestations in Whole Happy and Healthy.

In the next installment of Meet the Muses, I’ll introduce you to Transformation.

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