No is Better than Nothing

Too often, my email and phone inquiries are unacknowledged. I would rather hear a “no” than hear nothing. Saying no sets boundaries and is an expression of respect for ourselves and for other people. Not only is a response polite, even if it is negative, it helps the other person focus their time and energy on what is important and achievable. Why is it so hard to say no? I, too, have been challenged by this conundrum. It seems like the right thing to do, yet it feels so wrong. How can we change our thinking around declining the desires of others? How can we transform these situations into an opportunity to build relationships and community? Would you rather be ignored or informed?

2 thoughts on “No is Better than Nothing

  1. Diana Frank says:

    I can certainly relate to that experience. I graduated in May with an MSW. I have applied for hundreds of jobs in the PA/NJ area. In that time I have had 6 interviews and 2 rejection letters. It had been extremely discouraging. Since I need to make a living, I got my real estate license, just finished a training program and joined an agency. I also formed an LLC for my hand made jewelry and hope to have an Etsy website up and running soon for that. I decided I couldn’t wait for the social work job fairy to tap me on the shoulder. Although I have tried not to let it upset me, it has. At the age of 58, I still have a lot to contribute but it seems that society does not see it that way.

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