Posted in January 2013

L3: Light and Love

Excerpt from Limitless Loving Leadership (ISBN 978-1-300-65933-4, 92 pages, $12.99) Artwork by fabulous Fruition Coalition intern, Samantha Dillon

L3: Balance Self-Sacrifice with Self-Care

I am currently participating in a writing residency to focus my attention on Limitless Loving Leadership. The first few days were highly unproductive, because I arrived physically, emotionally, and intellectually exhausted. During the previous months, I worked full time in a demanding job, took two classes in a doctoral program (for which I expect to … Continue reading

Charity Police

Philanthropic organizations are increasingly demanding that grantees measure impact. It is not the measuring of impact to which I object, it is the way this expectation is unidirectionally communicated and enforced. This paternalistic practice is an abuse of power that emphasizes control and containment over partnership and possibilities. The MacArthur Fellows Program is an amazing … Continue reading

Community Cooptation

The nonprofit/community benefit/social change sector has coopted much from business organizations, and the pressure to do so is increasing from many foundations and professional associations. In my experience, the business models that are appropriated are outdated and a poor fit for our sector. We are victimizing and marginalizing our community organizations through this practice; we … Continue reading

Manage Things, Not People

As leaders, we often also have management responsibilities. I think it is important to remember that we should manage things rather than people. We can manage money, time, processes, and projects so that our goals and objectives are achieved.   Interactions with other people on the team should consist of guidance, support, encouragement, and access to … Continue reading

The People Pages: Business Planning

from The People Pages: Resources for Social Change (c) 2003 The Fruition Coalition A business plan is a formal document that is prepared when a new organization, program, product, or service is started or when an existing program, product, or service is expanded.  It is used internally as a guideline for accomplishing goals, assigning tasks, … Continue reading

The People Pages: Budgeting Basics

from The People Pages: Resources for Social Change (c) 2003 The Fruition Coalition A budget is used to plan and monitor an organization’s income and expenses over a period of time.  An operating budget shows income and expenses for your entire organization.  A program budget shows income and expenses for one specific program or service.  … Continue reading