Posted in December 2012

Fruition Coalition: The Year in Review

Thanks for being a part of the Fruition Coalition in 2012! At this time of year, I like to reflect on what has been accomplished. This year, the Fruition Coalition: Was re-energized by the founding director (me) leaving the material and psychological security of my  full time job Published 139 blog posts on The Activist’s … Continue reading

Debate or Discover

In debate, we need to decide. In discussion, we have the opportunity to discover. When we debate, someone is wrong and someone is right. When we discuss, we discover by learning more about ourselves and the other person.

Social+ Updates

The Social+ Boutique has two new designs inspired by my beautiful, precious cats: My dharma is to hear the birds singing All we need is to breathe and be My overriding goal for 2013 is to live an uncluttered life full of light. I am hoping that these simple messages will inspire all of us … Continue reading

Feedback or Critique

Feedback represents audience response. It consists of statements through which participants or spectators take responsibility for their thoughts, feelings, and actions. Critique, on the other hand, consists of complaints about comparisons with unmet expectations. Through critique, participants or spectators assert their power over the artist or teacher by instructing her or him regarding what to … Continue reading

L3: Be Seen as Transparent

I can sometimes be a phony. I have good intentions, of course. I want to project a positive professional image and build others’ confidence in my ability to lead our organization. I don’t want to trouble others with the challenges I face on a daily basis. But by suppressing my vulnerability, I am reducing my … Continue reading

The Tao of Political Leadership

“The female overcomes the male with stillness, Lying low in stillness. Therefore if a great country gives way to a smaller country, It will conquer the smaller country. And if a small country submits to a great country, It can conquer the great country.” — Tao te Ching How would a Taoist view influence politics … Continue reading

The Othering of Me

As a Jewish student at an evangelical Christian university, I have learned a lot about myself. This experience has both strengthened my Jewish identity and increased my understanding of what it truly means to be part of the outgroup. During my first residency in September 2010, I sat in my car and cried during lunch. … Continue reading


The first time I published an article in an academic journal, I worked with an editor whose political views diverged from mine. He used his power as an editor to attempt to censor my thoughts by excluding sections of my work and suggesting rewrites that changed the meaning of what I wrote. I begrudgingly compromised … Continue reading

Exposure Composure

In the community where I live, there has surprisingly been a huge controversy over students reading Nickel and Dimed in their high school English class. The conservative parents leading this initiative feel that it is teaching students how to cheat on drug tests, that it is anti-Christian, and that it promotes a progressive political agenda. … Continue reading