Posted in November 2012

The new, new counterculture

The new, new counterculture is shifting our focus From dialectical to cooperative From material to spiritual From critical to creative From confrontational to compassionate The new, new counterculture does not forget the old ways, but rather incorporates them into a greater whole. How have you experienced the new, new counterculture in your work and in … Continue reading

L3: Be Quiet and Listen

When DJ Kool Herc founded Hip Hop, he realized that people came alive during the breaks – the momentary gaps in the music he played as a DJ. When finding any rhythm, the quiet spaces where there is an absence of sound, light, or matter is often what defines the tenor of the movement from … Continue reading

Leader: Sun or Nebula?

When I left my job as an executive director, I went from being a sun — albeit of a microscopic universe — to a nebula. I thought I would feel liberated, but I felt a bit lost at times. Through entrepreneurship, I am loving the freedom of creative expression and learning to honor the accompanying … Continue reading

Your Help is Needed: Progressive Dictionary

The Fruition Coalition is launching a new Interactive Progressive Dictionary on The Activist’s Muse in 2013. In progressive activism, and life in general, we use so many words with multiple, implicit meanings. The purpose of this project is to clarify and articulate the many ways that we interpret the words that we use in our … Continue reading

The Language of Social Justice

In social justice conversations and communications, how can we use language that is simultaneously 1) disruptive and 2) constructive that also 3) meets the litmus test of no conflicting or competing implicit assumptions? Should social justice language strive toward meeting these three criteria in order to be effective? See my handout from a recent presentation … Continue reading

My Coloring Book

Professors have often criticized my writing by reminding me that I need to unpack ideas. My writing tends to be dense, leading to grey, shaded areas that await discovery and illumination. I like to think of this blog as my coloring book. I present a framework of ideas which you can color in using the … Continue reading

Black Friday Savings

Save 51% on calendars for loving, lovely people! Use code DELIRITAS through 11/27 For other holiday gift ideas for caring, compassion people, visit the Social+ Boutique and the Fruition Coalition Bookstore!

A dar, not yet a DAR

Despite being heavily recruited by my vulture like (but very sweet) relatives for the past 15+ years, I have declined an open invitation to join the Daughters of the American Revolution. My resistance to joining, along with repeated requests, had led me to evaluate the reasons that compel me to join an organization. Before investing … Continue reading

L3: Tempering Thoughts

We have all said and done things that we later regret – at least I know that I have. In a typical day, I am sure that I unintentionally offend, hurt, or insult at least five people. I am especially weak when it comes to other people not acting in the way I think they … Continue reading

Rainy Day Leadership

Clouds would make excellent leaders. They emerge as a response to the environment, yet they become their own thing. They are always changing shape and transforming in substance. They float over the broad landscape without hovering or attaching. They know when to pour rain, when to shield the harsh rays of the sun, when to … Continue reading