The Princess

The princess freely shares her love throughout her dominion. She recognizes the privilege and responsibility that has been entrusted in her by her G-d (unless she is an atheist) and by her friends.

The princess loves power with all of her heart because she has the vision to see the good it can do and the passion to share that vision with the world. She knows that power is multiplied when it is shared and uses this wisdom to the advantage of all.

The princess is inspired by truth and emboldened by righteousness. She rocks The New State with humility, compassion, pride, and grace.

The princess is needed but never needy. She knows that everything she desires is already within her.

The princess is flexible and cooperates with others. She always remembers who she is and never deviates from her true purpose.

The princess seeks to open hearts and minds, especially her own. She sets them free so that they may rise and soar.

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