Liberate Wall Street

Liberate Wall Street from attachment to abstract economics and material things.

Liberate Wall Street from fear, insecurity, selfish thoughts, and short-sighted decisions.

Liberate Wall Street from the self-deception that further marginalizes those who have been excluded from, and oppressed by, the predominant financial system.

Liberate Wall Street from its limited interpretation of history that confounds present day choices.

Liberate Wall Street from the destructive and divisive patterns of behavior established in the past.

Liberate Wall Street from superficial responsibilities to shareholders with limited, narrow interests.

Liberate Wall Street from social and geographic restrictions that diminish its service to humanity.

Liberate Wall Street from insulation against engagement with the real world of billions of people around the globe.

Liberate Wall Street to invest in building sustainable economies.

Liberate Wall Street. Let us all be free.

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