Posted in August 2012

From Anger to Love

When we feel angry, we may also feel disconnected and stuck. As we come into awareness of this anger, we start to loosen up and open up. Things start to fall into place. Angst is the process of transforming anger into passion. Throughout this process, we continue opening up and aligning our life pieces. Ultimately, … Continue reading

L3: Honestly Authentic

I often feel the need to separate my personal and professional identities. They are not necessarily inconsistent; however, I fear that my quirkiness and eccentricities might bemuse, offend, or alienate some people with whom it is important for me to maintain a professional relationship. I have several close personal friends who I initially met and … Continue reading

The Privatization Equation

There is an ongoing movement in Pennsylvania to publicly fund private schools. Like other organizations, such as hospitals and the emerging fourth sector, for-profit organizations are touted as more efficient – and more effective – than their nonprofit counterparts. I am not able to intellectually process the efficiency argument. I envision the expenses of each … Continue reading

The Leaves

How easily individual leaves are taken for granted carelessly picked pressed too tightly between the fingers and thrown away. We sometimes don’t see the forest for the trees but also the leaves for the trees. Each leaf is the promise of life and is filled with great beauty and is central to our ecosystem. Leaves … Continue reading

Charting the Organization

In an organizational behavior class last year, we were given an assignment to create an organizational chart for our place of work. I created the following chart to represent how I saw the structure of the organization. At the time, I was working at a social service/education agency serving both children and families. I felt … Continue reading

Changemaker Chat – Kevin Easterling

Kevin Easterling is a native of the Lehigh Valley. As executive director of the Martin Luther & Coretta Scott King Memorial Project of the Lehigh Valley Inc., he coordinated the construction of the only memorial in the world dedicated to Dr. King and his wife Coretta Scott King How did you first become interested in … Continue reading

L3: Accept Your Humanity with Humility

My mom always says that regardless of a person’s life experience or cultural background, we can all recognize the smell of feet. I add that we all have stinky feet – and sometimes other body parts, too! Leaders are certainly not above this human phenomenon. I know that my feet stink – and that yours … Continue reading

My American Dream

People don’t deserve good jobs; we all deserve a meaningful vocation. People don’t deserve affordable housing; we all deserve a lovely home. People don’t deserve adequate nutrition; we all deserve plentiful healthy, whole foods. People don’t deserve access to health insurance; we all deserve radiant health. People don’t deserve a subsistence income; we all deserve … Continue reading

The Illogical Model

Yesterday I posted a logic model for the progressive macromovement. I truly do see value in using logic models to think through our intentions and goals. Yet, we live in an illogical world where there is constant change and uncertainty. An illogical world calls for an illogical model to complement the standard logic model. The … Continue reading

Progressive Macromovement Logic Model

A logic model is a visual tool to conceptualize and communicate a program, organization, or initiative from its raw materials to its ultimate ends. I have created a draft of a logic model for the progressive macromovement. Creating this model helped me think through what I see as the ultimate ends of progressive activism and … Continue reading